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Сил Шторил и Лив Баг

9 октября, чт

Художницы и кураторы Сил Шторил и Лив Баг расскажут об арт платформе гендерных квир проектов

Норвежские художницы основали в Осло арт платформу FRANK в 2012 году для критического исследования гендерных отношений, сексуальности и желания. Они работают как кураторы, издатели, привлекают художников и кураторов к сотрудничеству, сотрудничают с рядом арт институций в Осло, Лос Анжелесе. Художницы приехали по приглашению параллельной программы Манифесты. Расскажут о своей работе. Встреча будет интересной для гендерных исследователей, феминисток, квир сообщества.

FRANK is an Oslo based platform run by the Norwegian artists Liv Bugge and Sille Storihle, established to nurture art and critical discourse revolving around gender issues, desire, and sexuality. Since April 2012, FRANK has developed a practice where Bugge and Storihle functions as hosts, curators, and editors. The platform started as a salon, and now operates in different locations and with various co-curators. The work they do with FRANK is intertwined with their individual artistic practices, and aims at building community while creating discussions that address hegemonic structures in society. FRANK has realized projects in conjunction with institutions in Oslo such as Kunstnernes Hus (2012), UKS (2013), Kunsthall Oslo (2014) and ONE Archives (2014) in Los Angeles. The platform has worked with artists, writers and critics such as Katarina Bonnevier, Gerd Brantenberg, Mathias Danbolt, Marie Høeg, Klara Lidén, Roee Rosen and Wu Tsang.

At ESG FRANK will share their work, particularly focusing on linear narratives of history, and their own attempt to shuffle narratives of progress. They will also share some thoughts on their visit to Russia, as a part of the Manifesta 10 On Board program, and hopefully engage in a conversation with local queer feminist artists and activists.

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