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The practice of manufacturing original tools is not a new phenomenon. Sound invention, the search for new timbres, the mastery of electronics and the creation of author interfaces are attracting ever greater interest in the modern world. Sometimes the “inventive” aspect is ahead of the “composer” aspect itself, that is, the “mechanism”, the “body of the instrument” first appears, and only after years (and sometimes decades) does the repertoire appear.

Visitors to the museum have the opportunity not only to see and hear how unusual instruments sound, but also to musicalize themselves, literally touch the sound.

The Sound Museum is interactive, and you can try playing on almost every instrument. However, the area of ​​the museum is small, and some of the objects simply do not fit on display. Therefore, periodically, some instruments take the place of others at exhibition stands.

The museum’s collection includes both instruments that give an idea of ​​the beginning of a new era of instrument constructing — for example, theremin, or the optical synthesizer Varioton, which is a modern replica of the famous Variophone invented by Eugene Sholpo — as well as modern author’s instruments by composers and musicians such as Nikolai Sudnik , Dmitry Morozov, Vladimir Grig, Nikolay Rubanov, Mark Kommer and others.