kÖök (NO)

21 июня, сб, 20:00

kÖök: Stian Larsen/Jørn Erik Ahlsen (NO)

kÖök is the invention of guitarists Jørn Erik Ahlsen and Stian Larsen and comes out of the

improvisational scene in Oslo. They released their first self titled record in 2012 on FMR records and received great reviews. Since then they have been touring Europe and Norway, released their second album «Live in Leipzig» in 2013 and recorded their 3rd album. The duo plays free improvised music and navigates the landscape between electronic ambient and experimental jazz, where both Marc Ducret and fellow Norwegians Huntsville can be heard as inspirations. Their minimalistic sound is developed through extensive use of analogue effects, loops and prepared guitars.

For sound, video and other news check out the band’s website at www.kook.no 

Вход - 250 р.