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18 cентября, воскресенье, 20:00

Yama Yuki - small electronics
Yamada Hikaru - prepared alto saxophone, small electronics
Дмитрий Шубин - фортепиано и электроника

Yama Yuki is a sound artist based in Tokyo.
He starts his career with the noise improvisation band called "3rd Person"
and has organized several experimental music events, sharing
stage with important acts such as Naoaki Miyamoto , Melt Banana and etc..

Now he directs himself into ambient/drone sound under the name of "theygroup".
Currently, he also plays in a sound unit called" Olegglermontov".

His sound is constructed with many different kinds of (non) instruments, guitar,banjo,
synth, casette, microphone, sampler, sand and etc....