June 21–29, 2015

I. SOUND:ON. School of Improvised Music.

June 21, SU

The 1st day of the Festival is completely devoted to the young generation of improvisers, to graduates of the School of Improvised Music. Founded in 2013, the School is the only one educational project of this kind in Russia. 

Also on June, 21, the opening of two Festival exhibitions will take place. The"GRAPHIC SOUND" exhibition will be opened in Experimental Sound Gallery, while the "ZZZvuk!!!" exhibition - the story of Russian improvised music in video and photo - will be opened in the "2.04" gallery, "Pushkinskaya 10" Art-Center.


15.45 - The"GRAPHIC SOUND" exhibition opening, Experimental Sound Gallery.

16.00 - Dmitry Shubin. The School of Improvised Music.
16.30 - Mark Prishly. Teaching improvisation in academic academic institutions.
17.30 - Roman Stolyar. Lecture and workshop on collective improvisation

19.00 - opening of "ZZZvuk!!!" exhibition, "2.04" gallery. Photography, video.


20:00 – “Live Sound – Silent Cinema”: Dubbing silent movies

21:00 – Cathy Berberian. Stripsody (1968), graphic score. Performed by Julia Kravchenko (voice). First performance in Russia.

21:30 -  Alexander Astafiev. "Draft  №1" for improvising ensemble (graphic score). Performed by graduates of the School of Improvised Music.

22:00 – Joint performance of school graduates – directed orchestra improvisation conducted by Nikolay Rubanov

Participants: Ivan Yuzmukhamedov, Vera Bezrukova, Maksim Kusturavsky, Salavat Safiullin, Kristine Kazaryan, Tatyana Bogomolova, Ignat Khlobystin, Andrey Dokin, Aleksandr Astafyev, Larissa Terentyeva, Maxim Prokopenko, Antonina Pozdnyakova, Elena Levina, Julia Kravchenko, Pavel Oblapenko, Konstantin Oganov, Alexey Ivanov.


(June 22, Monday)

Curators: Yury Akbalkan, Denis Sorokin

On this day, contemporary academic music will be presented. Due to variety of approaches, various creative concepts, or fundamental ideas of different communities, the events taking place during seven days of the forum are consolidated by one theme, a trigger of a kind, which serves as a momentum for manifestation of intention within the specified range of topics. “Tuning for Hearing” switches the focus of attention from the maker (in this case, the composer or the performer) to the recipient, who may be any person in the “sound zone”. “Wandelweiser” is an international group of composers and performers established by Antoine Beuger and Burkhard Schlothauer in 1992. Geographically, the label is a German resident, but the group consists of composers and performers living in different countries: Jürg Frey (Switzerland), Radu Malfatti (Austria), Michael Pisaro, Craig Shepard, Sam Sfirri (USA), Daniel Brandes, Mark Hannesson (Canada), Dante Boоn (Netherlands), Eva-Maria Houben, Carlo Inderhees, Manfred Werder (Germany), etc. During the forum, the group will be represented by the Swiss composer and cellist Stephan Thut (*1968). The day will start with his lecture and workshop, which includes practicing in joint performing and will end in a grand concert including pieces of Antoine Beuger, Michael Pisaro, Sam Sfiri, Eva-Maria Houben, and Stephan Thut.


Stephan Thut: Lecture and workshop

Antoine Beuger – “ashbery tunings for ten” (joint performance in the workshop framework)


Carlo Inderhees – “acht minuten”

Taylan Susam –“for joseph kudirka”

Mark Hannesson – “hoarfrost”

Eva-Maria Houben – “ein-tonig”

Craig Shepard – “Heartbeat (2)”

Daniel Brandes – “Intimations of melody“

Stephan Thut (joint performance of one or several pieces)


(June 23, Tuesday)

Curator: Dmitry Shubin

16.00 - 19.00

“Corporeal”: Workshop on Interaction of Music and Improvisational Dance (with participation of Odddance Theater)

Nikolay Rubanov: <title to be updated>

Dmitry Shubin: Lecture Workshop on conducted improvisation


Kristina Kazaryan / Salavat Safiullin / Roman Stolyar <to be updated>

Aleskay Lapin / / Olga Krukovskaya / Matthias Schubert

Vyacehslav Gayvoronsky / Konstantin Sukhan (Moscow)

St.Petersburg Improvisers Orchestra and St.Petersburg Improvisers Choir


(June 24, Wednesday)

Curator: Boris Shershenkov

Conference Program (14:00–18:00) – presentation time limit 30 minutes; admission free

Sergey Komarov, Vladislav Dobrovolsky (Moscow–Kaluga–St. Petersburg) – Report and presentation of Сyland Audio Archive.

Dmitry Morozov (Moscow) – Report and presentation of DIY instruments

Sergey Filatov, Yulia Palagina (Novorossiysk) – Report, “Contemplative approach to sound”, presentation of DIY instruments

Sergey Kostyrko (St. Petersburg) – Report

· Юрий Дидевич (СПб) – Доклад

Yury Didevich (St. Petersburg) – Report

Anton Yakhontov (Vienna–St. Petersburg) – Report “Spatial music/multichannel sound art”

Oleg Makarov (Moscow) – Report

Concert program

Part 1 – 19:00-20:30:

Kurvenschrieber (Sergey Komarov, Vladislav Dobrovolsky)

· ::vtol:: (Dmitry Morozov)

Part 2 – 20:30-23:00: Spatial concerts

Sergey Kostyrko (St. Petersburg) – audiovisual performance

Sound-theatre “Neti-Neti” – Sergey Filatov, Yulia Palagina (Novorossiysk)

Anton Yakhontov (Vienna–St. Petersburg), Oleg Makarov (Moscow)


(June 25, Thursday)

Curator: Andrey Popovsky

[sound field] [transport music] [noise utilization] [noise garbage] [instrumental study of acoustic media] [isolationism] [audible topography]

17:00 — 18:30

Jason Kahn (audition and discussion of the “Noema” vynil recording)

18:30 — 19:00

Polina Shershenkova – presentation of the sound map of St. Petersburg

19:00 — 19:30


Active instrumental study of acoustic media (Nadya Gorokhova, cello; Marina Ovchinnikova, xiao, vocal)

19:30 — 20:00

Aleksandr Markvart (Kemerovo) “Lift music”

20:00 — 20:30

Anton Mizenko – documented street performances (experimental music in urban environment)

20:30 — 21:00

New musical fabric in the context of noise garbage and “interference”, aspects of loudness (influence of acoustic media) – reported by Maksim Evstropov (Tomsk – St. Petersburg)

21:00 — 22:00

Sound performance of the Electroacoustic Improvisation Studio: “Space 1–3” (Yuri Akbalkan, Denis Sorokin, Boris Shershenkov, Andrey Popovsky)


(June 26, Fridya)

Curator: Ilya Belorukov

13.00 Jason Kahn | Workshop on graphic music scores (advanced reservation of participants required, not more than 8–10 persons)

15.00 Kurt Liedwart | EAI history

15.40 Burkhard Beins | Presentation of the book “Echtzeitmusik”

16.20 Bryan Eubanks | Lecture and presentation

17.00 Ilya Belorukov | Modern trends in EAI

20.30 Dmitry Shubin. Piano and live electronics.

21.20 Kurt Liedwart and Ilya Belorukov “Long Thin Wire Saxophone Electronics”

22.00 Jason Kahn and Bryan Eubanks “Drums Saxophone Electronics”


(June 27, Saturday)

Curator: Anrey Popovsky

15:00 — 18:00

Panel discussion

Problems of archiving, studying, and representation of sound

with participation of St. Petersburg Philosophical Café

19:00 — 23:00

Burkhard Beins (Germany)

Aleksey Borisov (Moscow – Maks Evstropov (Tomsk)

VETROPHONIA (Nikolay Sudnik, Aleskandr Lebedev-Frontov)

Kryptogen Rundfunk+Lunar Abyss Deus Organum


VIII. “Aposition” creative union

June 28, Sunday

Curator: Aleksey Plyusnin

afternoon: “Critics of formal improvisation” reported by D. Kakhovsky

мастеркласс и доклад А. Плюснин "Использование принципа импровизации

Using the improvisation principle for art therapy of people with development features”, master class and report by A. Plusnin

Concert program

creative group of the Autistic Child Guidance Center “Anton Tut Ryadom (Anton Is Nearby)” – Japanese study

Byzantine Art Punk Ensemble

Famoudou Don Moye (USA) – an improvisation jazz luminary, ex Art Ensemble Of Chicago

Share.SPb - joint improvisation

Ближайшие события

THE GREAT HARRY HILLMAN (Германия/Швейцария)

THE GREAT HARRY HILLMAN (Германия/Швейцария)

20 апреля, суббота, 20:00

THE GREAT HARRY HILLMAN (Германия/Швейцария)
Nils Fischer (духовые) / David Koch (гитара) / Samuel Huwyler (бас) / Dominik Mahnig (ударные)


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