In 1995 in the Techno-Art-Center the Cyber-Femin-Club (Кибер-Фемин-Клуб) was founded. It’s aim is to bring together women who work with new media or who are interested in this field. Members of the club include philosophers, artists and actresses working with internet and new media.
Founders of the club are Irina Aktuganova (curator of media-programs) and Alla Mitrofanova (media-philosopher).
Cyber-Femin-Club organizes different educational and artistic projects and researches and exhibits electronic art activity. The club publishes the electronic journal “Cyber-Femin-Club”.



- Participation in The International Face Setting Project by Kathy R. Hoffman. Internet communicative project for women 1996.
- Series of lectures and exhibitions by women-artists and philosophers in Gallery 21. 1995-1996.
- Series of seminars for women. In net-cafe Tetris, St. Petersburg 1996.
- Participation in mailing list “Women in media” FACES 1997.
- Teleconference on Cyberfeminism NY-SPb 1997.
- Participation in international festival “Cyberfeminist International 2”, Austria 1997.
- Participation in hybrid WorkSpace on Cyberfeminism on Documenta X, Kassel, Germany 1997.
- International conference and festival “Theory and artistic practice of Cyberfeminism”, Gallery 21, St. Petersburg 1998.
- Interregional Conference “Informational mobility as a remedy for developing organizations of women”, St. Petersburg 1998.
- Open Internet-studio for women and their organizations (1998-1999). Seminars and courses on the use of internet and web-design (1998-2000).
- International conference “Women in the world of men” 1999.
- CD-rom about cyber-feminism “От Нео-Академизма к киберфеминизму: петербургское актуальное искусство на рубеже тысячелетий” 2000.
- Media-studio and concert-exhibition space 2001.
- “Charm in feminism”, 8 discussions about the key-questions of actual feminism” 2002.
- Presentation and discussion about Monica Vittig’s book. Idea-press, Moscow 2002.
- The Concert of Evelina Petrova 2002.
- Natalya Bondard in the program “Не здесь – не там».
- Demonstration of the film produced by Rosa von Praunheim 2002.  
- The first pilot version of the project “Course of practical independence for women “Do it by yourself”” (“Курс практической независимости для женщин «Сделай сама»”) 2003-2004.
- Polina Runovskaya, monologue of a singer “From Red to Yellow” (Из красного в желтое) 2003.
- Project Bardoseneticube with “Jenski” from WhiteSheets 2003.
- Philosophic café, theme “Leftradicalism and feminism” 2003.

Exhibitions and actions:

- “Favorite Things of Katja Andrejeva”, “Boundaries of Gender” of A. Alchuka, I. Gorlova, T. Antoshina, N. Kamenetska, T. Liberman, A. Salahova, O. Tobreluts, B. Matvejeva, B. Buivid), “Personal Things of  Olga Tobreluts”, “Valuable Things of Bella Matvejeva”, “American Photography”,  Project of E. Kovylina, 1999.
- Cycle of artistic activities of Artistic group “Money” (Деньги) 1998, 1999.
- “Extrabody” of Dmitry Shubin 2000.
- St. Petersburg photographical gender project Perm-Art-Fest 2000.

Ближайшие события

СЕМЬ: Звуковая импровизация во взаимодействии с цветом и движением цвета в семи частях


24 мая, пятница, 20:00

СЕМЬ: Звуковая импровизация во взаимодействии с цветом и движением цвета в семи частях


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