ESG consists of following programs:

Program Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG 21)
Live-concerts on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Electronic, noise and other non-commercial music, experimental projects of well-known musicians and young artists. Places and discussions for musicians and audience in atmosphere of underground. Curator S. Busov.

Program Cyber-Femin Club
Meetings, seminars, exhibitions and concerts for all those interested in feminism. Curator I. Aktuganova.

Project of FFC (Factory of Found Clothes) and of Cyber-Femin Club: “A Girls World”
The workshop’s purpose is to show audience what it is to be a girl. FFC is dealing in genre of performance with unique new made old clothes. N. Pershina-Jakumanskaya.

Program “NEWS”
Program was created for the purpose of introducing different kinds of subcultural artist groups to each other and to give the present underground a space and a possibility for publicity. Curators I. Aktuganova and L. Ponamarchuk.

Program “Art-Buffet”
Atmosphere and heroes of St. Petersburg underground, open discussions, videos, music, food, tee, coffee. Permanents themes: “Topography, Ethnography and Anthropology of underground”. Curators I. Aktuganova and E. Klobukova. On Saturdays Art-Buffet works as Philosophic café
For all who are interested. It follows the traditions of European Philosophic cafés: open discussions on different subjects. Curators A. Vlasov, and A. Mitrofanova.

Program “Art-Club”
Thematic artistic evening-party. Presentations of groups of artists and projects, which are developing contemporary culture and art in St. Petersburg. Curators I. Aktuganova and L. Ponamarchuk.  

Program “Free University”
Special seminars and lectures by the leaders of today’s cultural life in St. Petersburg. Curator Andrey Khlobystin.

Film program “For those who look up” («Для глядящих вверх»)
Consists of Russian, European and American underground films and video art of XX century.
Curator C. Vjazankin.
In May 1999 at premises of Techno-Art-Center Sergey Busov and Nikolay Sudnik launched a new project in experimental concert music – Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21).

The project focuses on new improvisation, noise, jazz, and vocal practices revealed by contemporary composers, improvisers, and musicians in St.Petersburg, other Russian cities, and also in Europe and America.

The project organizes 4 concerts per week, which attract the attention of professionals and public. As a rule, each concert is followed by an active discussion between the musicians, critics and the audience. Most concerts use some multidisciplinary elements (live or electronic performance, video, dance, installation). Guests-artists from abroad can represent their activity here. ESG has become the only place in the city where you can listen to experimental music in a concert setting. There is also a rich archive of experimental music in ESG because all concerts have been recorded.

ESG-21 is:
A place where musical experimentation and the audience meet
A source of education and formation of a new musical audience
A club for creative communication and a joint project of professional musicians
A place where critics and journalists may realize and share their opinions on trends of the musical avant-garde
Creative (multimedia) works of TAC 1995-2001

1. December 1995. Webbased project for internet of Dimitri Pilikin “Witnesses of the Epoch” (Свидетели Эпохи). The first artistic networkproject in St.Petersburg.
2. Electronic artistic-philosophic journal “Virtual Anatomy” (Виртуальная Анатомия) еditors: A. Mitrofanova and O. Suslova. Since February 1996.
3. March 1996. Networkproject of K. Mitenev УН.ДИ.НА.
4. December 1996. Videoproject “Utopia” (Утопия) (30 minute).
5. January 1997. CD-rom “Игра без правил. Дайджест независимой петербургской культуры”. The first artistic CD-rom in Russia.
6. Multimedia exposition of St. Petersburg art “Post-informational Utopia” (Постинформационная Утопиа) (AXE, ФНО, Виртуальная Анатомия, Фотоимидж, Новая Академия), V-2 Organization, Роттердам.
7. Network art-projects of workshops in Techo-art-center (on server of TAC) Дрели Куда Попало, Музей Животных А. Медведева, Дидилия С. Гусевой, Двоиняшки С. Носовой, Игра и Этапология А. Варсопко, Безумные рисунки Е. Ивановой.
8. 1999. Websites of Cyber-femin-club and electronic journal Cyber-feminism.
In 1995 in the Techno-Art-Center the Cyber-Femin-Club (Кибер-Фемин-Клуб) was founded. It’s aim is to bring together women who work with new media or who are interested in this field. Members of the club include philosophers, artists and actresses working with internet and new media.
Founders of the club are Irina Aktuganova (curator of media-programs) and Alla Mitrofanova (media-philosopher).
Cyber-Femin-Club organizes different educational and artistic projects and researches and exhibits electronic art activity. The club publishes the electronic journal “Cyber-Femin-Club”.